I am going to share the entire 7 step system I know will lead you and your business to experience real freedom.

I know you have a dream of building a brand and website that authentically represents your soul’s purpose, that connects in meaningful ways with your ideal clients and that creates a sustainable and profitable business.

When this “dream” comes true it means freedom, freedom to share your passion with clients who are benefiting in real ways, freedom of a consistent income and freedom to create your idea of the perfect life.

I know what it is like to live life without these things as an entrepreneur, the fear it strikes in your heart when you wake up, wondering where the money will come from to pay your bills this month or how you will have time to get everything done on your to do list.

And if you are an entrepreneur that started a business based solely on your GREAT IDEA or your PASSION and kind of winged the rest, more than likely it has caused your message to become disconnected and you have probably started to realize what you are manifesting doesn’t match your hopes and dreams for your business and your life.

I also can say from personal experience, without gaining the crystal clear clarity these steps provide, it will cause you to spend many years trying to get traction without real results. You will tend to attract the wrong types of clients that drain you instead of lighting you up. Every once in a while you might get that one client that you adore, that things just flow and seem almost effortless but you have convinced yourself it is just a fluke instead of something that can and should happen every day.

The turning point for me was hiring a mentor, coach, and implementing the follow system.

These are the exact strategies and methods I used in my business to grow in less than a year and a half from an idea, to creating over $10,000 in sales my first month in business and being on track to hit six figures during this calendar year (Jan.-Dec. 2015), less than a year and half being in business!

But what REALLLLY matters to me, I get to work daily with clients I absolutely adore and that tell me everyday how much value they are getting from of my programs.

I am motivated by being of service to my community and clients and by providing a quality life, a safe home for my family and by creating a life of freedom. And it is these 10 steps that have made this possible.

To create your dream brand and to work regularly with clients that energize you, that you feel like you have made a real difference for and to build a sustainable and profitable business, you need to implement and follow these 7 steps:




1. Research, Research, Research.
2. Know Your Ideal Customer.
3. Know Your Value.
4. Define Your Visual Brand and Logo.
5.  Define Your Products, Services and Packages.
6. Create a Website that Connects with Your Ideal Clients.
7. Create a System to Build Your Mailing List with an Irresistible Free Offer.