The best place to start when trying to create a healthy life/work balance is by harnessing the incredible power of the internet. The right web presence can help you grow your business while you work on other things, go on vacation, spend time with your family and enjoy your life.

Ask any entrepreneur their biggest struggle, it always comes down to - How can I create a healthy life/work balance?


Learn 4 Keys to Designing the RIGHT Web Presence for a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur

It’s possible to continue doing the work you love and also make a comfortable living while maintaining a healthy life/work balance.

1.  Your Foundation Is the Most Important Choice

Your foundation is the most important choice you will make when it comes to your business’s website. Because it does matter how you build your website and what you build it with.

Investing in a professionally designed WordPress website will save you money in the long run. WordPress is a powerful, scalable CMS (content management system) and will allow you to grow in pretty much any way you want to grow in the future without having to do a complete site redesign.

WordPress is utilized by 60.6% of the websites that are using content managers on the web. That is a HUGE market share. And the popularity should tell you something about the effectiveness of this platform. Many different sizes of businesses use it because it is so flexible and scaleable, from solopreneurs to corporations.

You can feel completely confident choosing this platform as your website foundation. It will not go away anytime in the near or distant future. Also, you can be sure that this platform will always be the most advanced and cutting edge as far as new advancements in technology.



2. Your Website Must Be a Living Breathing Entity

Your website must be a living breathing entity that you add new, valuable content to on a regular basis. So you must know how to add content, or you must have a virtual assistant who works with a reasonable rate that is trained to help you with it.


If you build your site with WordPress, your site is built with a content manager. The content manager is an online admin dashboard that makes it easy for you to manage the updates and day to day maintenance of your website. You will need some focused training because there is a learning curve. But if you can use Facebook, you can learn to manage your own website and to add new fresh content on a regular basis.



3. Avoid Pitfalls

It is important to invest in a professional web designer to help you get your WordPress website designed and developed. There is a variety of technical and design aspects only a professional will know. You wouldn’t just decide to build a home one day, likewise you shouldn’t decide to build a website for your business either.


I believe entrepreneurs should spend as much time as possible engaged in what you do best, your superpowers (what you are trained to do). To build a website that would serve your business, you would basically need to study to become a web designer. I have studied web design for 15 years and I am still learning new things. Building your own site would not be a wise choice for your business.


I know there are some DIY platforms out there that make some lofty claims about their ease of use and what they can do for your business. But the truth is, they just are not a solid, scalable foundation for your business. You will be disappointed down the road with the functionality available and the speed with which they are updated with the latest technology available. Most of them are privately owned too. Which means they could go out of business, be sold or just stop making updates at anytime. None of this is a concern with WordPress.


During your website build you need the guidance and knowledge of a skilled professional you can trust that comes highly recommended to make sure you are covering all your bases and optimizing your site for search engines, social media sharing and ease of use.


I see so many yogis try to cut corners on the foundation of their site by trying to use do- it-yourself type sites and it does come back to haunt many of them. Many of these free or low-cost DIY sites have advertising of other businesses on them. Or they make you use a strange domain name with their business’s name in the URL. This makes it really hard for search engines to find you. I always tell my clients to think of their website as their prime online real estate. It is basically your virtual office or store.


Think of this way, you wouldn’t send someone to an office they cannot find. Or invite them over to an office with advertising of other businesses on the sign out front because they may get lost or become confused.


You wouldn’t hang signs on the walls of your office advertising other businesses because it would look unprofessional and you would lose the sale of the visiting prospects.


Or you wouldn’t send a prospective client to an office that doesn’t represent you aesthetically, that is bland or worse yet cluttered because you know this is the first impression most people will have of you, so it must be your best foot forward, the same should go for your prime online real estate, your virtual office or store!



4. Google Generation

When you need something new, what do you do? In today’s world,  most people research what we need online before we make the purchase or schedule the appointment. Whether we are looking for a yoga class to attend, looking for a private yoga teacher, Ayurveda practitioner, aromatherapist, health coach or nutrition expert it is the same thing.


Imagine if a prospective client “Googles” a yoga teacher in their area and they see one result for a teacher that has a free GoDaddy website with lots of cluttered advertising and an outdated schedule.


And a second result for a site that looks ok, but really didn’t tell you much about the teacher,  there was no personality.  And the site consisted of just a bio and schedule page.


Then there is a third result for a teacher’s site that was professionally built with WordPress and a customized theme. It has  beautiful images that tell a visual story. You get a window into her classes. The pages load quickly and the overall design is easy to use but unique and it really shows off the personality of the teacher.


Not only is there an informative bio but there is a full page of testimonials about how this teacher has affected the clients she has worked with lives.


Each testimonial is accompanied by a lovely smiling image of the person who gave the testimonial increasing the connection and trust factor between the reader and the teacher.


Finally there is a blog full of articles written by the teacher on all kinds of topics that connect instantly with the Googler, they feel like this teacher is talking directly to them. They think to themselves,  “this teacher definitely can solve the problem I need solved. They are an expert at ________fill in the blank________ and this is exactly what I need.


It is a no brainer they are going to go to the third professionally built WordPress website teacher’s class. In fact, before they even go to the class they have opted in to the teachers mailing list and have begun to receive the teachers weekly emails. These emails work as a reminder to the prospective client that they wanted to check out the teachers class. And because the free content the teacher gives away in her weekly email is valuable and about the topics this client cares about, it positions the teacher as an expert in this client’s mind. By the time, she attends the yoga class she is ready to buy a series of 12 classes because she feels so confident in this teacher’s abilities and that she is in the right place for her needs.


The sad part is the teacher with the first “free outdated GoDaddy site with advertising all over it” or the second teacher with the “just there, no blog or free information with no personality site” actually might be the better teacher. He or she may have more experience and could specialize in what this prospect needed but because their competitor invested in their web presence they got the new student.


The lesson of the Google generation is your competitors are investing in a professional web presence and are giving away free content so if you want to be a relevant business you need to also.