Many people miss the following opportunities to continue to build their relationship with current newsletter subscribers, people who have purchased a product and visitors to their website. Social media is best used to continue to build relationships with prospects that have shown interest in your business. But many people forget this fact and miss out on the opportunity to connect with many clients that have raised their hand and shown interest by joining your mailing list, purchasing a product or visiting your website. 

Social media is extremely effective when utilized to funnel people from your website over to social to continue to grow the relationship and the know, like, trust factor. These unique six ideas will help you capture those prospects and clients that have shown interest. These are the most important people to continue building relationships with. Enjoy!

Six Simple Solutions for a Bunch More “Likes”!


1. Product Labels and Email Invoices

Many people overlook these simple additions: add your facebook url, and a call to action to your product label if you ship physical products. Or if you only sell digital products, than add it to the email invoice with a call to action and direct link to your Facebook page.

Another creative way to create social interaction AND social advocates is to invite them to share their new purchase with their social networks by writing “Love your new purchase? Share the love with your friends by leaving a comment on our Facebook timeline CLICK HERE (insert link to your timeline)”.


2. Email Signature

If you are not utilizes your email signature with your logo, website url and a call to action and link to like your Facebook page you are missing out. Make this simple change and see your “likes” start to magically increase.


  3. Blog Posts – Like Button

You probably have “share” buttons on your blog page, so people can share the blog page, but do you have a “Like” button at the top and/or at the bottom of each blog post. You can easily have them “Like” your page without ever leaving your site! It’s genius.

You can even show Facebook profile icons of their friends who have liked your page. This creates social proof. Click here to create a “Like” box for your website.  If this is too confusing to you, then hire a developer at to help you. It will be worth it!


  4. In Your Voicemail

Another unique idea is to ask them to like you on your voicemail message by mentioning your page name and url. You can also mention all the great things you talk about and share, as well as the benefit it will be to them.


5. “Thank You” Pages

This one is my favorite. When someone purchases from you, they will end up on a thank you page. Make sure that the same Like box you create for your blog pages, is also embedded on this page. It is the perfect time to ask them to “Like” your page because they are excited about their purchase and most likely they will take action.

You can even take this one a step further and embed a screenshot of a Facebook post you made that was extra popular. And that showcases the fun and educational types of posts you make. Then write a short blurb like “This is a great example of the types of posts we make, join the fun by “Liking” our page!”


6. Business Card

Do not miss this perfect opportunity to ask prospects to “Like” your page. Just like the full url on your card. You give away business cards to encourage people to stay in touch. It makes perfect sense to include your Facebook page here.


CLICK HERE to receive by email, a PDF checklist of all 6 ideas above.

This pdf is printable and editable.Use the editable/savable pdf to check off the boxes as you complete them.

Or print the checklist out and check off each item.  If you print your checklist put the printed document in to a notebook (3 ring binder). This will be a place you can put all your “Web Presence Academy” worksheets and documents.

 Have fun with this!