Because you are a business owner who holds the beautiful intention to change the world in a positive way with your work, perfecting a positive mindset for an abundant business is just as important as the business strategy you spend many hours researching and planning.


These “7 Mindset Principles to Cultivate an Abundant Business” have literally transformed my business. These principles help you understand the important service you are being to the world and help you reconnect to your “why” (the reason you do what you do).

Below I have created an agreement for you to download with the 7 principles listed and a place for you to sign. You can print, sign and post this signed document by your workspace. To honor and carry out the principles, put them in a nice frame and read them daily.  Get in to the practice of first thing in the morning before you start your busy day, check in with this list and make sure the decisions and the spirit behind the work you are doing are congruent with these 7 principles.

If you realign with these 7 principles each morning by getting quiet and setting each one as an intention you will obtain your goals and you will own a healthy and abundant business. And most importantly you will serve the people who need your important work at the highest frequency possible.


7 Positive Mindset Principles to Cultivate an Abundant Business

  1. When you sell your services or products, you are giving someone the opportunity to invest in their goals and dreams through you, therefore selling is a service.
  2. Getting clear on exactly who your target audience is and what you are offering them is imperative, and it is a constant and ongoing exercise.
  3. Consistent marketing creates consistent results. Consistent anything creates consistent results of the same thing. Remember just as positive actions bring positive results, negative thoughts and actions will bring negative results.
  4. As a business owner, you are a leader. As a leader, you must place extraordinary value on your own self confidence. Cultivate it and protect with all your actions and thoughts.
  5. Marketing creates value and energy. Marketing is the only way to spread your message and grow your business.
  6. When you stop running your business from a place of confidence, you make choices from fear and the opposite of fear is love. Cultivate love in all your actions.
  7. When you forget to daily realign with your “why”,  your vision and purpose you also are not operating from a place of confidence or love.  Take the time each morning to realign with your “why”.


If you aren’t sure of your why, take the time to ask yourself “why do I do what I do?” Usually you do not get your authentic “why” the first time you ask.  You will need to ask yourself “why” multiple times to go deeper, to really get to the heart of  “why you do what you do”.



Please download this beautiful agreement, hang it by your desk and use it to daily realign with your why? >>7 Positive Mindset Principles to Cultivate an Abundant Business Agreement<< as a gift from me to you.

I support and send you positive energy my fellow entrepreneur who has dreams of changing the world in positive and loving ways. Use this document to realign daily with these 7 positive principles to ensure your success and abundance.