We have been working our way through 7 Steps to Freedom in Your Biz (if you missed steps 1-6 click below to read them all).

Build Your Mailing List with an Irresistible Free Offer

Now we are covering Step 7: Build Your Mailing List with an Irresistible Free Offer. This is all about growing your community and your loyal followers. 

I often tell my students that the main pages of your website are kind of like a first date (homepage, about, services). You don’t want to overwhelm or firehose with too much info. 

You share just about the same amount you would share on your first date. 

Then you use your blog and email marketing to grow the relationship in a more meaningful, connected way. 

But to get your peeps to read your blogs and emails you need to have a way to stay connected. 

To really build loyal followers who trust you, you need to have them join your mailing list

It is impossible to grow your mailing list without an irresistible free offer that connects in meaningful ways with your ideal clients.  

The offer should let them experience what it is like to work with you and also have them take a big step towards your ultimate goal for your clients. 

In other words, “what is the why or the reason you work with your clients”, “what is the goal you want to achieve by working with them?”

And then consider what is one big “win” toward that goal you can offer your clients with your freebie? But you need to do this without overwhelming them.

Here are some opt-in ideas: 

  • Your 10 Best Tips for (overcoming some obstacle).
  • Done-for-you templates (such as a design template, like a newsletter).
  • Cheat sheets (a reference tool that provides simple, brief instructions for accomplishing a specific task, great for how tos).
  • A mini eBook (1-5 pages, can be on any topic, a full e-book is too much but a couple of chapters from a full e-book is just right).
  • A report (shorter than an eBook, usually 1 to 2 pages, stats, figures, analytics to help them make better decisions around what you teach)
  • A single video or mini video series (really effective because video makes a real personal connection, can be on any topic, especially if seeing what you are doing is important).
  • Audio files (could be a meditation or an interview packed full of actionable tips).

For your freebie you will need to create:

Step 1: Free Offer Title (make it easy to understand what the freebie is, creative and clever is ok, but not at the expense of clarity)

Step 2: Free Offer Opt-in Box or Page Text (Super important piece of the puzzle. This is the box or page that will be the deciding factor if they actually sign up, make sure it states clearly the problem(s) you will solve for your ideal client with this freebie. And make sure you connect in a personal way with your ideal client. Go back to step Step 2 and infuse what you learned about this client).

ebook_coverStep 3: Write the freebie delivery emails (Will be one or two emails depending on if you have a double opt-in set with your mailing list provider. If you do the double opt-in, clearly state the problems you solve and the benefit of your freebie in the first email (the email they click a link to confirm they wanted to opt-in, so they are motivated and they actually click the opt-in link.) Then in the second email you either deliver the free offer or include a link to download the freebie.

Step 4: Create the actual free offer. I love to use canva.com to create my free offers that are PDFS. I have a free webinar on my site that teaches you many of the ins and outs of using this revolutionary free product (Canva) to create a PDF ebook for download including an “ebook design workbook free gift”. 

Even if you are doing a video series or an audio file it is important to have an accompanying downloadable PDF that includes valuable take aways. 

In your PDF freebie in addition to the big win content, you should include:

  • your bio and image
  • a link to your website
  • a contact link
  • and a call to action for the next step in working with you. 

In your freebie that call to action for the next step to working with you is probably the most important thing to include, after all you are a business and while you are giving away this product for free, it is important the ideal client knows not everything you do is for free. 

And if they loved this first experience, what is the next step? They will be excited after their big win with this freebie so it is important to capture that excitement and guide them to know how they can keep winning with you:)


One of the very best ways to get inspired to create the very best free offer possible is to start keeping an inspiration file. 

Each time you join someone else’s mailing list, take note of… the text they used on their opt-in box or page, the text in the emails they sent you, and the actual free offer itself. 

I use Skitch to take screenshots of opt-in boxes and pages. And I keep a folder of emails that I love. 

Truth is, I never start from scratch when creating anything and you shouldn’t either. 

Of course you don’t take someone else’s idea word for word, but instead use many, many references to be inspired and then create your own. 

Want to learn a step by step process for building your mailing list with a valuable free offer? In my course Creating Brand I teach my peeps a step by step method to creating a fabulous, incredible free offer that grows your mailing list like crazy. Join the Creating Brand community and be the first to know the next time I open the doors.