Email is still the best way to build relationships and stay in contact with your ideal audience. Almost everyone has an email address and email marketing is extremely cost effective to use. You can signup for a Mailchimp account and get the first 2,000 subscribers for free!  I encourage all heart-centered entrepreneurs who are serious about building a consistent income to cultivate an online system to capture their prospects’ email addresses. The rewards are limitless when you get serious about crafting and carrying out a focused email strategy.

Optimizing Your Website to Capture Email Addresses

The online system to collect email addresses starts on your website, with a valuable free offer tied to mailing list opt-in boxes.  You add opt-in boxes on your homepage, at the end of your blog, in your page header with a “free offer” that your readers cannot resist. You make it really easy for your ideal client to decide to join your mailing list because the free offer you are promoting connects with them at an emotional level. It is a no brainer for them to join your list because they want the free offer you promise in return.

This value freebie can be a pdf, video, audio file or a bonus offer of some sort like a free consultation. But the idea is to give them a taste of what they can expect if they decide to work with you. The freebie should help solve a problem for your readers. It is a fine line because you do not want to give away too much info, but you should solve a real problem for your readers. You need to gain their confidence so they know if they invest in you, you will be able to take them even deeper.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Once your website is optimized to collect email addresses you can start to focus on how you will attract traffic to your website.

  • One way is through giving out valuable free content on your blog consistently.
  • Then you promote those blog posts through all  your social media channels and link the posts back to your website.
  • Try to be a guest blogger on a website with the same target audience as you but not a competitor. On the site of someone selling something different but to the same target audience as you. Preferably with a lot of traffic:)
  • Pitch yourself for interviews on podcasts, e-zines and with bloggers. This is a great way to get the word out about your website and the valuable free content you offer.
  • You can start an affiliate program where you reward your affiliates for sending you traffic that converts to sales.

Crafting a Focused Email Strategy

The following is an example of a weekly plan for a focused email strategy. The first email goes out every Monday. This is something like a tip of the week or an alert about the weekly blog article you are writing. Then on Wed. you send out the followup auto responders for the opt ins on your website, such as a series tied to the valuable free content you are giving away. And finally you will use Thurs. for special every once in a while emails like a special promotion.

Planning out a system like this ensures you will not overwhelm your readers with multiple emails on the same day. The days you decide to send your email, needs to be based on what works best for your list. This is just an example of how you stagger the emails on different days. You can plan your email based on what works the best for you and your business.

Click to download the following Email Strategy Example and Editable Worksheet.

Email Strategy Example Graph Email Strategy Worksheet