It’s 2015!

Are you spending the first few days of this new year setting your intentions and goals? Setting goals is a really important ritual many of us engage in during the beginning of the year. You probably create your main/big goals and then break them down into monthly, weekly and daily goals.

You spend time envisioning exactly what it will be like when you achieve each goal. The way it will feel, the emotions it will bring, like security, happiness and excitement.

You plot your goals and deadlines carefully on your calendar or spreadsheet and exhale thinking “ok, I am ready, I have done everything I can to prepare to meet my goals”. Now I just need to do the work.

How you will handle it if you DON’T meet your goals?

meet your goalsI am not trying to be a Debbie downer but have you considered “How you will handle it if you DON’T meet your goals?” It is an important question to consider and one many entrepreneurs, including myself until last year aren’t prepared for. Missing goals can cause things to crumble and unravel even for the hardest working, most well intentioned entrepreneur.

It’s in those moments when you think you have failed that you have a choice and it is a choice that can make or break your success. So wouldn’t you rather be prepared to make the right choice? Just like you envision what steps you will take to reach your goals, you also need to have a clear plan of what you will do if you don’t reach your goals.

Because you hold yourself to some pretty lofty standards, when you miss a goal, even after trying your best, you will beat yourself up, talking to yourself in a way you wouldn’t speak to even your worst enemy.

This can cause you to spiral down into your dark place, repeating old habits like negative self talk, procrastination or even giving up on an important goal. And when you concentrate on all the things that aren’t going right, you start to attract into your business the opposite of what you envisioned when setting your goals.

There is another path and choosing this fresh path can lead you back to success!

I want to encourage you to break the negative, downward cycle when faced with the reality that you missed a goal or even a few. This new practice will only take a 1/2 hour to complete each week to meet my goals. But these simple changes will be what turns it all around for you. It was for me.

And it’s so simple! At the end of each week take some time to reflect on everything you accomplished big and small, and really let yourself revel in all you DID do. Write it all down so you can read and reread this list. Then take out your goal list and compare it to what you were able to accomplish.

If you fell short on a goal or even a few, instead of spiraling down into that negative place, try to take note of what you did get done towards the goal or goals. It’s also very important to note that if you didn’t have the goal in the first place, more than likely you would not have made any progress in this area.

Goals as a Way to Manifest Your Dreams

You set goals as a way to manifest your dreams, so they should not become an anxiety producing activity that you feel imprisoned by. So after noting what you did accomplish towards the goal, write down the steps left towards achieving the goal. Then add an amount of time each step will take. Working backwards adding up the time for each step until you have an idea of the total time needed. Then create a new deadline for each step of the goal and add each step to your calendar. This process is called reframing your goals and it is a practice all successful entrepreneurs use.

You are probably pretty hard on yourself, most entrepreneurs are. You probably set some pretty high goals. And expect a lot from yourself, more than anyone else. And for the most part that is ok, it pushes you to do your very best each week.

But if each week you are finding yourself falling short on the majority of the goals you set, you may consider when setting your goal deadlines adding an extra week or two, to whatever time you think it should take. Setting yourself up to fail week after week will only cause you stress, so be realistic with what you are able to accomplish.

I promise if you get in the practice of weekly reflecting at a set time (for me it is Sunday night) on everything you HAVE accomplished instead of always concentrating on your long to do list and what you DIDN’T accomplish, you will feel a major shift in what you are attracting into your business. This practice of gratitude and self love will help you will attract abundance and limitless opportunities.

I know this to be true because in 2014 I began implementing a weekly gratitude practice for all I accomplished, and also started a process of reframing my goals when I fell short and 2014 was an absolutely incredible year, my favorite year so far.

Learning how to reframe your goals and adding a gratitude practice for what you did get done are two simple shifts that can make a huge difference. I hope 2015 becomes the best year yet for you!