When you are surfing do you find yourself coming across a bunch articles, images and tips you want to share with your social media peeps but not right at that moment or not all at once? Do you find yourself having the best intentions of going back and sharing them the next day or later that week and even though you bookmarked them, you never do?


Well I have a tool for you that is going to revolutionize “sharing” for you.

Buffer lets you add as many status updates, articles, images etc. as you want to the “queue” and it auto-publishes to your social media pages in intervals – you decide how often. You don’t even have to time stamp your shares, it intuitively sends for you. You just fill it up and let the magic happen.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up for free at bufferapp.com by logging on with your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account and accept permissions to use one of the social networks with Buffer. Click the icons to add more social media accounts.
  2. If you’re a Chrome user, install the extension into your browser (find the extension here). Install your extension, then Buffer icon will show up in your browser window.
  3. See an awesome blog article on LissaSandler.com 🙂 that you’d like to share? Just click the Buffer icon in your browser and it’s loaded to your queue.
  4. You then choose if you want the article to go out to all your social media accounts? Just click on the icons and select one or more of your social media accounts to send this update to. You can see that they’re activated by the brightness of the color as well as the green line that’s below each of them.Want to add a status update? No problem. Just type in what you want to add to the queue and either choose “post now” or “add to Buffer”.
  5. Once the update is added to Buffer, you can see when it’s scheduled to go out. Buffer has a predetermined schedule of times that the posts you add to this queue will be delivered to your social media accounts.
  6. But you do have control too, if you want to change these times, you can click on the time right next to the added update.
  7. You can choose how many updates you want to send out a day if you go to settings.

Now, promise me this week you will sign up for Buffer, add it to your Chrome browser or your favorite browser (Buffer app homepage has all the options) and on your phone and add a week’s worth of updates to your Buffer account.

Good luck and have fun surfing. You will never be out of touch with your social media peeps again. Yay for Buffer!  Get Started Now!