I am sure there have been about a million times you have wanted to share part or all of your computer screen with a friend, colleague, co-worker, your social network(s), customer support person or someone you are trying to help and a visual would help immensely.

I have a FREE online tool to empower you that you are going to LOVE called “Jing”.



Working Remotely

I work remotely with many of my clients and co-workers, so I find myself using Jing all the time to explain something that needs a visual. You can record video/audio or you can grab a screenshot of your entire screen or just the part you choose.


Capturing Testimonials

Have you ever had someone say something wonderful about your business in an email or on Facebook? By having Jing installed on your computer you can easily take a quick screenshot of that post or email and save it to a folder on your computer. That is a great practice to get into, so when it comes time to do your marketing you have a full folder of testimonials to use.


Record a Video or a Screenshot and Share Them

Once you record a video you can choose in the lower left hand corner to “Share it via screencast”. This will upload the video to the Jing server. Once it is uploaded you will be given a url to paste into an email. So the person(s) you send it to can view the video by clicking the link. It is as easy as that.  You also have options to embed the video into a webpage or to save it to your computer. You have the exact same options with the screenshot fuctionality.


Here is an example of a Jing video I madehttp://screencast.com/t/mCuyyR52ulB

Download Jing today and get started Sharing Ideas Instantly at techsmith.com.  http://www.techsmith.com/jing.html

If you need more direction and help there are great Jing video tutorials at http://www.techsmith.com/tutorial-jing.html

I know Jing is going to become an important and useful tool for your work and life. Enjoy!