I am so excited to share the next two steps of “7 Steps to Freedom in Your Business and Life”. Because steps 2 and 3 are the most important for sparking the clarity you need to be able to attract the clients you want to work with, your ideal clients, as opposed to just taking anyone who is willing to pay you.

And these two steps are also necessary for creating a consistent flow of opportunities and income in your business.

I can tell you from personal experience, completing these two steps will be a huge game-changer for your business.

(Step 1 – Research, Research, Research, you can read about HERE. And if you want the list of all 7 Steps CLICK HERE.)

Step 2 – Know Your Ideal Customer:

You need to research and discover what are your ideal clients’ hopes, desires, and dreams. You should know your ideal client so well that when you write your web page copy, your blogs and your marketing pieces they should feel like you are talking directly to them, like you just read their mind.

But the key is, you have to be completely honest with yourself and not tweak your answers based on stories you are telling yourself. You have to put aside any, “but what ifs”, or “I love this kind of client but they will not pay me”. If you can set aside any of your pre-conceived thoughts and be 100% honest with yourself about who you love to serve, who lights you up and who things just seem to flow with ease, then with that clarity you will attract into your business the people you want to serve and work with on a consistent basis.

This is possible when you know everything about them, their age, where they live, what their daily stresses and struggles are, what makes their heart light up and what makes them feel safe, seen and important.

Step 3 – Know Your Own Value:

You need to know your own value, the problems you solve so can you communicate your value clearly to your ideal customer. When you have been in business for a while or even if you have been studying to do your chosen profession for a while, it can cause you to become desensitized to the nuances of how you touch people’s lives in big and small ways.

You need to remember back before you had the knowledge you have now or before you experienced the results of what you offer, and remember the way it felt and the pure joy, excitement or wonder that that the service or product gave you the first time you experienced it.

There is a reason you decided to become an entrepreneur and I can almost say with certainty it is because this area of expertise made a huge difference in your life and you want to share it with others. You need to remember back to that feeling to be able to communicate your value correctly to your ideal clients.