I am so excited to share the next two steps of “7 Steps to Freedom in Your Business and Life”.


Step 4. Define Visual Brand 

If your overall brand identity (what I talked about in steps 1-3, click below to review) is how people perceive you, then your visual brand is how you can shape the way your ideal audience “sees” or feels about your brand.

When I visit your website, the colors, size of fonts, the “mood” of your design tells me exactly how to feel about your brand. Are you reliable, feminine, humorous, patient, playful, or empowering? You can portray your brand’s personality through colors, graphics, imagery and text.

When I begin a project with a client, we go step-by-step through the process of first understanding their brand and what they want to portray. Then go into finding their visual brand to convey the right visual story on their website. I use an exercise where we create a vision board for your business. And from that I am able to create a visual brand blueprint.  The visual brand blueprint will include your color palette, inspirational images, branded graphics, and your logo.  Here is my WPA visual blueprint.



This brand blueprint will solve as a guide and plan to keep the visual brand focused and on track throughout your logo, website, social media, print design and trade shows etc. Without going through this visual branding process, you can waste a lot of time creating all kinds of different designs that do not say the right message.

Or the worst case scenario, you end up with a visual brand that doesn’t represent you correctly and you end up attracting the wrong clients into your business.

One entrepreneur I talked to spent a lot of time and a lot of money on a beautifully designed website. The design, imagery and colors were relaxed, zen-like and soft. She was a yoga teacher so the designer went for sages, soft taupe and silver. The designer wasn’t familiar yoga, and since she didn’t go through a process to understand the teacher’s personality/brand, she went for the stereotype of a zen visual brand for yoga.

When the site launched the yoga teacher was a really proud and excited. But after it was up for a while she kept getting the same feedback, “you have so much energy, you are so vibrant, fiery and strong and I didn’t expect that from your website”.

Not good.

Think how many people arrived at her classes thinking they were going to be receiving a zen class/teacher and instead got powerful, exciting and strength building. Maybe for some that was ok, but for most they were probably surprised and not in a good way. This is why it is so important to go through a visual brand process.

Step 5.  Define Services and Packages

So many people discount their own value. Or all of the ways they service their clients. I love taking my clients through the Service and Packages process. We go from A-Z describing how they interact with their clients. And often we discover so many places they are adding value to their clients and not assigning it a value. It is “just something they do”.

Once you know your own value it is so much easier to create a simple package verses a one off experience of you. For yoga teachers, coaches of all types, and people working to help change some part of their client’s life, most of the time it takes more than one session to really start to see results. So it is important for that reason to create a package experience, so by the end of the package your client can feel what it is like to experience real results.

This is also the way you will get out of the feast or famine cycle and be able to plan 3-6 mo. out. Imagine being able to fill you calendar for 3-6 mo. of your ideal clients and then you can just concentrate on serving them and creating free content so you can continue to bring more people into your business.
We will start back with 6-10 in the coming weeks.

If the process to creating freedom in your business and life I have been talking about in this email series, seems like something you would like to take your business through and  if you would like to learn to setup, change or manage on a day to day basis a simple WordPress or Squarespace site, you should check out my course “Creating Brand”.

Or you can read all about “Creating Brand” here.

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Just a refresher, so far we have covered the following…

1. Research, Research, Research
2. Know Your Ideal Customer
3. Know Your Value

(And if you want the list of all 7 Steps CLICK HERE.)