What is the most important page if your website?

Which page of your website gets the most visitors? If you are like most businesses it is your About page. Statistics say your visitors reach your about page after 3-4 clicks. But for some unknown and crazy reason, most “about” pages are cookie cutter at best and boring!

Most people follow the same bio, image and all about me format…if you want to hugely improve your about page please read On.

After your well thought out homepage and stellar product page gets your potential customer interested the statistics say that they will often visit your About page to make a final decision. That’s why the About page is often a make it or break it page.

What should you write?

Writing about yourself and your business can be awkward. Often about pages will be full of exemplative words and of flowery phrases that are fun to read and sound good but that really don’t say much about the company and what it does for its customers.

I’m going to encourage you to take a different approach…think about what your customer would need to know about you to feel comfortable making a purchase from you.

Start with what concrete benefits you offer your customers. Don’t talk about “what you do” talk about the results your customers will receive by working with you purchasing your product.

When you think about what to write on your about page think about the questions new customers ask when you first meet them. What questions or concerns do they have on an initial phone call?  A first-time customer to your website is going to want to know that you are a real business offering real benefits to customers.

You can show off the many beautiful colors of your business without “showing off”.

Many about us pages are filled with words like outstanding, amazing, the best, world-class and cutting-edge. Instead of using these descriptive words give the facts that support it. If you develop innovative products talk about the product and then the visitor can make their own conclusions about the company being innovative. By telling the visitor what you do and the facts behind what you do the visitor will come to the same conclusions without being told what to think.

If you’re a new business and you don’t have facts and figures then express what you hope to achieve and how you plan to achieve it. Most importantly don’t try to be something that you aren’t.

Something that I’ve noticed in reading a lot About pages is the smaller the company the more fluffy the about page. You should not be fluffy, you should be you!

On your about page if you are a brand-new company try to think about what sets you apart and play that up. People enjoy hearing about who you really are so if you are a brand-new company play up the fact that you are willing to take smaller orders with lower minimums, that you give personalized care and that since you are working hard to create a positive customer base that they can benefit from your drive!

If you have left your day job to pursue a passion talk about that, it helps set you apart and lets the reader get to know you just a little bit more. Find something that is unique about you and write about it.

And use real photos, do not use stock photos of people you don’t know, it looks fake and will turn your customers off. If you don’t have real photos do not use anything.

When it comes to certifications and other accolades, think about your customers, would it matter to them? Sure some times certifications or degrees are extremely important to the customer like a massage therapist or a physician.

If the degree, certification, association or award will help your customer make a decision about whether or not to signup with your programs or buy your product, then include it. But be discriminating…and then list all of your accolades as bullet points, short and sweet.

Keep it fresh!

Make sure that you think of the About page as a living, breathing page. Make it part of your process: each time you gain a great new client, new experience or new team member be sure to update your About page.

A great test to gauge the effectiveness of your About page… Ask someone who knows little or nothing about your company to read your About page and then see if they can tell you what your business does. Ask the what do we do? Where do we do it from? And who is involved in the business?

Writing an About page can be hard  for all types of people. If you’re modest you feel salesy when writing about you therefore you end up underwhelming your readers. Verses if you are outgoing and love tooting your own horn you can go too far and end up turning people off.

Either way it is really, really important that you follow the tips in this article. The stakes are high. Just stick to facts and figures and either for new businesses talk about your goals for your accomplishments and how you plan to reach them…or for established businesses your to date accomplishments and how you got there.

Then think about the customers needs you fill and the results you will give your customers. And finally use plain language to describe everything. One of the most important lessons to take away is people will buy and interact with other people, not a company.

Make things personal and in plain language.  And remember people will believe in your about page when you make it clear what results, benefits they will receive and what problems you will solve for them.  All of this adds credibility and makes it easier for your potential customer to choose you.