There is one thing that seems to give many entrepreneurs, maybe even you and yes definitely me a hard time. And that is keeping the many, many passwords you must remember organized. You literally have passwords for EVERYTHING. You have passwords for your business, for your finances, for your family, for your entertainment devices, and on and on.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to just have one super secure password for everything?  This week I teach you how.

Unlock a Simplified, Joyful Life with 1 Password

Do you get overwhelmed and lose time almost daily trying to finding the right password?

You are taught not to use the same password for everything.

Because if you do and it becomes compromised then you will have to change ALL  your passwords.

So you end up with many different passwords and keeping them straight can be extremely challenging.

The passwords have to be something hard to guess, it cannot be words that involve pets, people in your life, numbers that represent special dates in your life.

They need to have uppercase letters mixed with lower case letters, with at least one special character.

And more and more it is becoming harder and harder to even remember the passwords you need to create because you need to create soooo many.

You also are suppose to change them frequently.

All of this is quite daunting.

Where to keep these hard to remember passwords stored is another issue. If you use something in your computer like a doc, what if your computer gets lost, hacked or you need to take it in for service. Are you opening up your entire life to being compromised?

Browsers will encrypt your passwords and store them for you. And while that is helpful, it can be challenging when you need to use a different browser for one reason or another.

You could keep them all written down in a notebook, but what if you lost your notebook? Or didn’t have it with you when you needed it?

After considering all the ways to organize the many, many passwords I needed to manage, i decided to go with an app called “1 Password” by a company called Agilebits.

This is what they do, they help keep your passwords safe.

They concentrate 100% of making sure that your passwords are safe and so far I have never had a problem. And today I am going to show you how to setup the app on your computer, your browsers and phone.*

Every site and app will have it’s own password, they will be encrypted and stored safely in the app and when you need to access them, you will just enter the 1 master Password and the app will do the rest.

How does that sound?

Would you like to Unlock a Simplified, Joyful Life with “1 Password”?


Below is a step by video of how to add 1 Password to your computer and mobile devices.

How do you do this?

On your main computer: your desktop or laptop, the first step is to visit and download the free trial.

Save the installation file to to your computer.

Then on your computer double click on the downloaded zipped file and it will open up.

Then move the 1 Password file to the applications folder

Then double click on the app 1 Password to open and then you will need to setup a username and password for your application. This will be the “1 master password” you will enter every time you use the app on your browsers or your mobile devices.

Adding Extensions to Your Browser

Next you will go

You need to do this for each of the browsers you use. They have extensions for both Firefox and Chrome. I have added it to both my browsers (Those two browsers are the browsers I recommend to my clients as they have the least compatibility issues and functionality issues).

Create a “Vault” in Dropbox to Sync Your Computers and Devices

Make Sure You Have Dropbox Installed on Your Computer

If you don’t have a Dropbox account you can get one for free. Once logged in, just click to install the app on your computer.

Once it is installed, then open 1 Password and click on Preferences. And the Sync icon. Then click to sync using the pull down to select Dropbox. It will ask you to select the Dropbox folder on your computer.

Once you select the Dropbox folder it will create a folder for 1 Password and it will add a “vault” with all passwords, so they will be accessible throughout all your computers and devices.

Adding the 1 Password to Your Phone and Tablet

First make sure you have the Dropbox app added to your phone or tablet. And that you have logged in to the right Dropbox account where you created the “vault” for your passwords, you should be able to see the 1 Password folder that was created when you synced through Dropbox.

Then go to the app store and search for 1 Password by Agilebits.

Once it is downloaded you just need to sign in with the same username and master password you used when you first signed in to 1 Password on your computer.

Using the 1 Password with Your Browser

Before you create a new login for anything, make sure you are signed in to your 1 Password app by clicking the little keyhole icon.

You can use the 1 Password app to auto-fill the password with an ultra secure password.

Once you click submit to you create the new login the app will automatically ask you if you want to save the username and password and what you would like to call it. You can edit the name to something you will remember and then click save.

The next time you go back to this website or app and if you need to login, just login to your 1 Password app and then it will recognize the page you are attempting to login to and once you click the name in the drop-down menu it will auto-fill the username and password.

Using the App with Your Phone

First make sure you are logged into the 1 Password app.

In 1 Password search for the login for the site you are trying to login to.  Then click the url for the website you need to login to.

It will open the browser and auto fill the login.


Hope this helps you enjoy life with literally 1 Password to remember:)



*Please be advised this is only a recommendation. As stated above this solution has always worked for Lissa with absolutely no issues. But you need to make the choice on how to store your passwords based what you believe will work best with you.