Three Reasons You Need a Website Yesterday

Something I feel really passionate about is helping entrepreneurs understand: “having a professional website, that is engaging and authentically represents you​ is a non-negotiable if you want to stand out as a leader in your field and grow a sustainable business.”

But WHY, you ask?​

Sure, some businesses may be doing just fine without a website. But the truth is, even businesses that are doing “fine” without a website are still missing out on tons of new clients and possibly thousands of dollars of transactions, just because they don’t have a website or they have an ineffective website that is out of alignment with their brand.

Let’s take a look at the three main reasons why having a website is so important to the growth of your business.



This can be a hard pill to swallow – especially if you have little or no presence online – but the best way I can illustrate this for you is with an example.

Imagine that you just moved to a new city and you need an acupuncturist. You get three recommendations from three different friends, and now you have to choose which one you want to see.



Of course first thing you do is Google all three acupuncturists, two have websites, and one does not. 

So you rule out the one without the website right away because you cannot learn anything about them. 

The next recommendation’s site has a dark red background with white text filling the whole page, and the photos are stock photos and they seem out of place. It doesn’t feel personable, calming or in any way visually connective to your idea of what you are looking for in an acupuncture office. So you click away pretty quickly without reading the text or exploring further.



The final recommendation’s website is a fully developed, beautiful, modern, clean website with:

  • a calming color palette and lots of white space, 
  • photos of: the office, a smiling receptionist, and the acupuncturist with her family, 
  • a lovely about page that helps you understand the acupuncturist’s training and experience, her story and her areas of speciality and focus, 
  • and the site is full of amazing testimonials giving first hand positive accounts of how the acupuncturist has changed their lives.

You have a great feeling about this option, so you fill out the contact form and you are able to set your first appointment in a couple of simple steps.


There is even an option to download a tip sheet that explains how to prepare for your appointment. So you enter your name and email address to download the tip sheet. You instantly receive a link via email to download the tip sheet and a note from the acupuncturist thanking you for joining her community.   

On the day of your appointment you receive a reminder email with a link to a Google map, making it so easy to arrive on time, stress-free. 

This acupuncturist not only gained you as a client by having a website that is functional, beautiful and connective, but she also has built trust with you long before you entered her office. AMAZING.



Remember, all three of these acupuncturists were recommended by friends, but you chose one – and the only thing that set them apart was the website.

Now, all three acupuncturists may be well trained, qualified and great at what they do. However, when you saw the beautiful, calming website with images of the acupuncture office and of the acupuncturist, you felt instantly at ease. You saw a smiling receptionist, and you felt welcome in the office because they were already inviting you to set up an appointment through a smooth and seamless process. They created a professional-level website that connects with their audience.

If you can connect with a potential client at that level with your website before they ever even meet you, you’re on the path to creating a wonderful relationship with them. They feel like they know you and that you understand them and what they need, and they’re more likely to want to do business with you and recommend you to their friends and family.

#2: Build Your Tribe

When you connect with your potential clients on an emotional level like I described above through your visuals, words and overall experience, you can then invite them to join your tribe, as our acupuncturist did a by offering a tip sheet in exchange for the visitors name and email. Your tribe is what I call the people who join your mailing list: they’ve seen your website, they like you and they’re raising their hand and saying, “Hey, I want to know more about what you do and how you can help me.”

This is wonderful, because now you have the chance to nurture the relationship with consistent and valuable free content sent to their email address in the form of a newsletter, video blog or maybe something like a tip of the week. 

For many of the people I serve, “marketing” makes them SO uncomfortable that they remind me of ivy avoiding the sun, they will do anything to stay out of the light. 

Or they create their marketing materials without joy or happiness, potential clients pick up on that vibe, and they wonder why they aren’t having success connecting with or converting leads to clients:)

But when you are super clear on who you are, what you offer and why you do what you do, you begin to see that you are actually being of service by having a website that authentically represents who you are and how you can help your ideal clients. 

Your ideal clients have a problem or problems that you can solve. If you do not have a plan to consciously, authentically market yourself by creating a professional website and clearly communicating how you can help, think of all the people who will miss out on the positive transformation and healing you offer. 

Did you hear that? I’ll say it again:

When you have a gift or a service to contribute to the world, you are being of service by putting yourself out there through marketing and your website so you can share it with others.

Your website will allow you to build your tribe – that is, the people who need your gifts and services – so you can more easily connect with them. It’s not about you, it’s about them.


#3: Strengthen Your Positioning

When created correctly, one of the most important things your website will do for you is strengthen your position as an expert. Through your website copy, your blog and the material you choose to share on your website, you have the opportunity to position yourself as an expert.

Share the information that demonstrates that you really know what you’re doing. Contribute useful tips and tactics for your industry that your readers will use to improve their lives. And be sure to let you personality shine. 

Give them something that will help them so they can see that you’re the best person to help them with their problems, and they will learn to view you as the top in your field.

In summary, a website that is created correctly will:

  • ensure you make the best first impression possible, build trust and deepen your relationship with prospective clients,
  • help build your community full of ideal clients,
  • and strengthen your position as an expert in your field. 

And if you want some help creating your website in a strategic way so it actually builds your business, I’d love to guide you through the process.


Would you like to create new website content that connects with your ideal client, craft a website strategy that works to build your business and redesign your current site so you feel excited to share it? OR do you need to create your entire site from scratch? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of the decisions you need to make?

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