You are beautifully YOU-nique,

your website should be too!

A Reimagined Life

You are ambitious, bright and creative.

You are an innovator who loves a challenge…

and you’re overflowing with inspired potential!

You have so many juicy ideas that sometimes it’s actually a problem!

It’s a good problem to have but it is still a problem.

As a result, the path forward is not clear and you are losing focus.

You may be suffering from serious brand or website shame.

And it is causing way too many things to be on hold as a result.

You need a blueprint for how to present yourself.

You dream of a truly engaging website that lets people know who you are & what you do at a glance.

How Can I Help?

I absolutely love hand-picking the most intriguing pieces of your brilliance and assembling a hard to resist, cohesive story with visuals and words.

When you build a website with me, I gently guide you through a step by step process. Together we will align the gorgeous, motivating, thoughts and ideas inside of you with the visuals and words you are sharing outside.

The process I have developed is called “conscious co-creation”.

Telling stories that your ideal client will be magnetically attracted to through words and visuals is my passion.

Claim your expert status and be the leader you daydream of being. Maybe you dream about: being a best-selling writer, a leader in your field, a keynote speaker, leading your first successful online course, or being location independent.

These dreams for sure include having a website you are dying over, you’re so proud of that you cannot wait to share it!

I guide women who are ready to share their gifts and messages in developing an effortlessly, beautiful and unique website by exploring and uncovering their gifts and then connecting them to their communities, so they can serve in the most effective way possible.

I am that patient, trustworthy hand that will gently guide you step by step through the web design process.

You don’t have to go cross-eyed over the multitude of planning, design & technical steps involved in growing your brand and website…I love the details, let me help!



founder of where I show over-achieving, passionate entrepreneurs like you, how to create a truly unique, holistic and effective web presence, capturing what sets you apart and helping you stand out.  

You’ll finally have a home on the web that is functional, effective and beautifully “you-nique”, encompassing both yin (female energy: the soul, authentic connection, dazzling story, and intriguing visuals) and yang (male energy: the strategy, the practical functionality such as search engine optimization, automated client onboarding, and an effortless user experience) of having a successful site.

Through my premium one to one services, free resources, and online courses, I show you how to transcend the norm and stand out online

The end result for you is a REAL connection with the PERFECT clients.

My clients tell me their favorite result is finally getting to put checkmarks next to goals that have been on their dream list for years, like consistently working with their ideal clients.

Even though I look calm, young and carefree, don’t let that fool you, I’ve built a thriving business in just over 3 years, and I’ve been a branding and website specialist for over 15 years. I have had the honor of serving over 100 passionate entrepreneurs during that time.

I was humbled when a client said:

“Lissa offers valuable insights about my holistic business, myself & my passion. She is courageously leading herself & others toward a future where everything is aligned inwardly & outwardly.”

I was so moved by this lovely client, Angela, and her quote because she basically encapsulated exactly what I strive to do every day for my clients.  

A Little About Me

Some of my past experience:

  • I run the creative gamut: working with empowerment leaders, to designers… including coaches, photographers, yoga teachers, Ayurvedic practitioners, yoga center owners, activewear designers, jewelry designers, and many, more.
  • I was a featured guest speaker for the Chopra University as a leading web presence expert.
  • For 5 years I was an integral part of the amazing growth of YogaKids International, the world-renowned, premier training program for children’s yoga teachers. I designed, developed and managed their online school and portal that served and supported over 300 certified teachers each year worldwide.
  • Some of the results that I have helped clients achieve that are really exciting to me are: I helped a client achieve a $50,000 first time launch of her online school and another launch client had a 10% conversion rate for her list (I warned you, these are the things I love).


When I’m not helping to create fantastic, cohesive brands, designing unique websites, or mentoring the most incredible entrepreneurs on the web, I can be found:

  • Hiking all over gorgeous and diverse CA with my very best friend, my husband, partner in life and business, Ian.
  • Reading about and taking action for animal rights (my personal heroes: are Jane Goodall and Steve Wise – Non-Human Animal Rights Project Attorney – he can be seen in the documentary “Unlocking the Cage”)
  • Organizing and decluttering, I am a newly minted minimalist and I lovin it.
  • Learning everything I can possibly know about aromatherapy, mindfulness and yoga. I use all of these practices in my business and they have made a huge difference towards my success. 
  • And I love taking advantage of the amazing place I live (a perfect sized village by the sea), by walking everywhere I need to go…the grocery store, yoga class, coffee shop, hardware store, post office, wonderful restaurants, and most importantly to the beach for sunset. It is such an amazing way to connect with nature, live in the moment, and feel a little sunshine on my face. #gratitude #lovewhereilive

I believe the internet creates the possibility for passionate entrepreneurs to create their dream life. I love passing that enthusiasm & belief onto my clients.

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