Feel Like a Late Bloomer?

Give It Time and the Blossom Will Come

Growth – just like creating a business – is a journey.

Just because you’ve started on your entrepreneurial journey later in life,

just because you’re starting anew and that scares you a little (or a lot!),

and just because you’re not used to the feeling of not knowing what to do next,

it doesn’t mean you’re behind.

You might feel like a late bloomer,

but I promise you’re exactly where you need to be.

How do I know?

Because I was you.

Small town, big dreams

I was a small town girl from NE Iowa with big dreams of starting my day practicing yoga in my Southern Californian home by the beach and finishing it with a freshly cooked healthy meal alongside my family (and my essential oils…) but I only found what truly lit me up after: 


  • falling into freelance web design because my first passion project selling handmade aromatherapy diffusers didn’t take off
  • struggling through a far-too-long phase of undervaluing my work and my self-worth while other people told me what to do and feeling overwhelmed by e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g (something tells me you know how THAT feels…)
  • going back to employment to design, build, manage, and market an online school serving 300 teachers globally, learning a ton along the way
  • searching for my purpose like it was a full-time job (not ideal when you actually have a full-time job)
  • discovering mindfulness, energy work, coaching, and online learning, which started me on my own reinvention path 

Even though there were challenges,

I realize now that I had to go through them in order to grow.


To break out of what was familiar but no longer a fit and become so self-aware that I was able to create the business, brand, and life that means I do get to start my day practicing yoga in my Californian home by the beach and finish it with a healthy meal next to my family.

And all sorts of other yummy stuff in between.

And, I love to work in my zone of genius strategizing and designing brands for clients on their own reinvention path.

  • A path toward expressing their expertise and the life-changing work they do in a way that makes them want to tell the world about their website. (That kind of confidence is absolutely possible for you.)
  • A path toward a steady stream of qualified leads flowing in while they’re in downward-facing dog.
  • A path toward a sustainable and profitable business with a website that does the heavy lifting for them, so they can stay light.

Sound like the kind of path you’re looking for?

Lissa Sandler - Beautifully Simple and Stress-free Websites

They say to bloom where you’re planted.

If there’s one thing I’m sure of it’s this: you’re a ray of sunshine.

And just like a plant can’t grow without sunshine, this business can’t grow without you.

But that doesn’t mean it will thrive if you tend to it all on your own.

You need the right people in your patch to see that it gets what it needs, when it needs it.

You’re here now, reading this, because while you’re exactly where you need to be, your website isn’t.

I want to help you get to your next stage of natural growth.

You need a strategic and beautiful online ecosystem that expresses your personality,

to attract ideal clients like bees to honey, and helping you create just that happens to be my specialty.

So come take my hand and let me guide you. It’ll be fun! And about 100 times easier than you think.

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