Co-create a 100% handcrafted, custom website to connect with your ideal client’s heart and mind. 

Stand out

Build a flourishing business by creating a handcrafted, 100% customized website.

If you are ready to show up in your industry as a leader, as an expert, then this customized option is for you.

Creating a consciously beautiful, clearly defined website that you feel completely connected to is my biggest thrill.

I absolutely adore pulling all the best bits and pieces together for you into something beautiful and awesome. 


Uplevel your business

Explore and uncover your gifts, so you can connect to your community and serve in the most effective way possible.

For my “premium, custom web design clients”  I’ve developed a step by step process to ensure you have an engaging and connective website.

My proven, enjoyable, curated, results-driven process will get you launched without overwhelm or delays.

You are perfect for my Custom Website Package if…

  • You are in the process of upleveling and redesigning a brand/business that is 3+ years old.
  • You have worked with a branding specialist and have a beautifully unique vision for your brand/business, and now you need your website designed and/or developed.
  • Looking at all like anyone else’s brand or website is just not an option, it needs to be perfectly you!

Gently Leading You Step by Step

My strengths lie in being able to guide you from the perspective of being an expert in online marketing and branding and being both a website designer and developer.

My unique experience helps me create websites that are beautiful, connective, and easy to navigate. And websites that help you build your community and create conversions.

I create and build your website with your business goals in mind. I lead you through the step by step process making suggestions and helping you understand what is possible along the way.


We discuss both your long term and short term goals and each decision is made with those in mind.


It is also rare that you find a website designer and developer in one. I have always done both for my projects so that gives me an edge in being able to design with the knowledge of the best user experience (ease of use), search engine optimization and modern trends for layout in mind. 


“Lissa was a wonderful partner in this website creation, willing to work with my requests & desires as each of the pages were taking shape. I am delighted with her work! My website has received & continues to receive numerous compliments, not just on its looks but also on its functionality.”


Sandhiya Ramaswamy

Alchemy Ayurveda

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build your websites?

I specialize in Squarespace and WordPress. Depending on the project and the needs, I will pick the best platform. Contact me below for more information.

How is Custom different than the Remix package?

For custom, we co-create a completely unique handcrafted website. For Remix, I start with a pre-designed template and then use your colors, fonts and images to make the site uniquely you.

What does the finished custom website include?

A completely developed and designed custom website, plus a one-hour training (recorded and provided to you) on how to update the basics of your website.  

The custom package includes 6 pages. This typically includes a homepage, a blog page and 4 other pages of your choice. Of course, more pages and functionality are possible, just let me know what you need and I will include them in my estimate to you.

What can I expect to invest in a custom site?

My custom sites can range anywhere from $9,997-$18,000+. What sets my custom sites apart is my proprietary step by step process I will lead you through. We start with getting clear on what you want to say, what you need as far as functionality, and how you want to present yourself to the world.

Then we move into the content creation phase. I offer mentoring and feedback along the way, as well as workbooks, and templates that lead you through the process. Finally, we move into the creative design phase and development phase, working closely to bring the vision we have planned out together to life.  

For my custom sites, I will be working directly with you, as well as doing the creative and development, so nothing gets lost in translation. 

My unique experience of being an expert in online marketing, branding, website design and development help me create websites that are beautiful, connective, and easy to navigate. And websites that help you build your community and create conversions. 

Do you also create free offer funnels for my website?

My basic packages for Custom sites include newsletter signup boxes and connecting the signup boxes to your service provider for building your mailing list. If you would like to include a free offer on your site, we would discuss what that offer is and come up with a plan for what the offer and funnel will look like, what kinds of help you need creating the offer (like designing the free offer) and what the additional cost will be.

Do you develop e-commerce sites?

Yes! I love developing e-commerce websites and I normally use the Squarespace platform for this kind of project. It is an add-on project to my basic packages. I will develop and design the basic shop, and add 3 fully designed product examples. I will also teach you how to add the remaining products. Please contact me to talk about the platforms capabilities and your needs.

Is there a deposit fee and how long does the process take?

Yes, there is a deposit fee. Once you decide to work with me, you pay the non-refundable deposit fee of half the estimate and I give you the “Brand and Content Workbooks” and a detailed checklist of assignments to complete and content to gather. We will set your Design Block on my calendar about a month out to give you plenty of time to complete your Brand and Content Workbooks.

I set aside that time on my calendar just for you, so it is very important that you have your photos and content complete and are ready to move forward on your Design Block date. The remaining 1/2 fee will be due at the start of our design block. 

For Custom sites, the design block is generally four weeks for my basic package and a bit more depending on the add-on project work. 

What content do I need to get started with you?

To start the process and get on my calendar all you need to do is pay the deposit of half your fee. Once you sign up we will go over everything you will need to provide me a week before your design block. At that time I will provide you with “Brand and Content Workbooks” that will walk you through creating your content and branding info. I also advise you to have a photoshoot for your website. I will give you a dropbox link and a checklist of everything you will need to provide me. You will upload all the content one week before our start date.

Do you have examples of custom sites you have designed?

Yes, please check out my portfolio

I haven't worked with a branding specialist yet, do you have recommendations?

I sure do. Schedule a Discover Call and we can talk about your options. 

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