Transforming into a Super Monarch Butterfly

Recently, learning to host Facebook Live events has helped me and my business grow and expand in big ways.

I will explain more about that later (scroll all the way to the end for my “everything you would want to know about Facebook Live FREE guide”) but first I want to share a story: taking a walk is my favorite way to spend my Saturday morning. I love living in Laguna Beach because my walks are basically in paradise.
How to do Facebook LiveI have been working hard the last 2.5 years to transform from a stressed out freelancer, who lived in fear mode, to a balanced, purpose-driven business owner who listens to her intuition.

Living a version of my dream life  and butterflies

Two nights ago, I had a dream. I was in my childhood bedroom but as an adult. This huge, blue butterfly, 8 inches across flew in the window and onto my shoulder.
I wasn’t afraid, I remember thinking how special and beautiful it was.
Then, on my Sat. am walk, I was in a really good mood, feeling connected to nature and balanced. 
I was listening to “The Beautiful Song” by Krishna Das and maybe it was the vibes I was giving off as a happily walked along…but the most magical thing happen. I know this will be hard to believe, but this REALLY happen.
A beautiful, monarch butterfly followed me ALL around my mile-long circle path.  I walked the path twice all around in my neighborhood. The butterfly reappeared every 5 mins or so, circling around, surprising me from the back,  flitting about in the trees to the side of the road, soaring above the rooftops of the homes, or appearing ahead of me dancing in the sky with a backdrop of sunshine and clouds. At points, I could see his shadow coming from behind before I actually saw the butterfly above my head.
img_9384-smHe even stopped on this pink bush so we could look right at each other and let me take a pic as he flew away.
He followed me to the grocery store a block from my home, and when I came back out 10 minutes later, believe it or not, he was there as I walked back up the ramp towards my home.
As I opened the door, I turned around to look out over our courtyard, and there he was in a tree. The tree has beautiful pink striped flowers. He was floating in and out, having a ball. I said a prayer of gratitude for allowing me to have this extremely intimate and real interaction with this butterfly.
You may be thinking, it was possibly many different monarch butterflies but it is becoming very rare to see monarchs.
Unfortunately, their only food and breeding ground, milkweed, has dwindled as more and more land has been developed for homes and agriculture. 

I KNOW in my heart it was the same butterfly.

I couldn’t help thinking of the significance of butterflies, symbolizing transformation and where I am right now in my life, and especially monarchs whom I just recently watched a documentary about on Netflix (of course). All butterflies are amazing creatures, but monarchs are especially, incredibly, amazing creatures.
Just a quick synopsis of the documentary: the monarchs that were being studied migrated from Mexico, all the way to Canada and back down again in 1 year. There are different migration paths for monarchs.
But for this migration, it takes three generations over the course of a year. The 3rd generation is born in the Northern U.S., and it is a SUPER butterfly (a bigger, stronger version that can fly a mile up in the sky).
It is the super butterfly, the last in the cycle, that completes the journey all the way from the Northern US back down to Mexico. I know crazy. 
Once in Mexico, they all cluster together in a large grove of trees, and they hibernate until they wake up and do it all over again.

The ultimate symbol of transformation. 

And the “journey” the monarch takes to create this transformation is also very symbolic. As the generations transform from one butterfly to the next, they first must go back to a caterpillar, before the next generation of butterflies can be born. Our journeys’ are never straight up, we go up and down but if we stay the course, we can end up strong and more capable over time, just like the super butterfly.
 So when this magical being decided to befriend me on my walk, I  took it as a sign – I am on the right path  for transformation.


One of the things I have been doing to grow and to take myself out of my comfort zone is to try out Facebook Live. It is such remarkable technology.
If you aren’t familiar with what it is: it allows anyone with a Facebook account to “Go Live”. So just by using the camera on your phone, you can broadcast a live feed out to anyone on Facebook that would like to tune in.
People who have subscribed to your Live Events will be notified when you go “Live”.
People can subscribe to your Facebook Live notifications:
  • They must first Like your business page,
  • Then roll over the word Liked,
  • And in the drop-down menu that appears, select the option for Live Videos to turn the notifications on.
  • If you would like to know the next time I go live, just go to my Facebook page and follow the 3 steps above.
Then when you decide to “Go Live,” people who have selected to follow you, will get the notice you are live in their Facebook notifications with a link to join.
Facebook Live is an amazing way to connect with and create trust with your ideal clients.
You can establish yourself as an expert by sharing on topics that your community would like to know more about.
img_2162One of the biggest hurdles most entrepreneurs need to get over is the fear of being seen. This comes up in so many different ways.
It can be a belief that you learned as a child that makes it hard for you to be seen. It can be a negative experience that has caused you to shy away from the spotlight.
It can also just be that you are not used to being a leader or putting yourself out there. So you just need to make the choice that you are a leader and that you are ready to be seen.
Successful entrepreneurs are almost always leaders. They need to be so people feel confident putting their trust in them for the skill they are an expert in.
So using Facebook Live can be an excellent method in helping you learn this skill of being seen and being a leader.

Become that super butterfly.

What are you going to embrace this week to help you transform closer to the person you really want to be? If you are an entrepreneur, I suggest trying out Facebook Live. And have fun with it. Make it an exercise on being seen.