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Sandhiya Ramaswamy of Alchemy Ayurveda was ready for a complete rebrand of her business and website when we began our work together. The project included a visual rebrand including: a logo, branded graphics, ebook, business cards, social covers and fresh color palette. We also co-created a brand new professional, modern, customized website for her Ayurveda business. Sandhiya is a master teacher, practitioner, and chef of Ayurveda. She offers private consultations, teachings, and workshops through her website.

Client’s Vision:

Sandhiya expressed to me how important it was that her website express both a sense of the modern with clean beautiful, design while also touching on the ancient, ornate beauty of India, the home of Ayurveda. She appeals to her ideal clients, people ready for change and ready to create a healthy lifestyle through the gorgeous, vibrant imagery and the engaging headlines and text. 


Building a community of ideal clients is one of Sandhiya’s main goals, so on the homepage, we featured a signup for her “5 Daily Transformative Yoga Practices” Ebook. We also added a signup to the footer which will be on most pages of the website.

We created an online school where Sandhiya will be free to add as many courses/workshops as she wants.  

Each page has one clear call to action. And we included many opportunities for her clients to schedule a Free Clarity call to learn more (an automated online scheduling tool). 

There also is an online store that Sandhiya has been taught to add additional products to.

I wanted to rebrand and have a new website for my new business. I also wanted my website to be an extension of me – my personality, my brand and my offerings. After interviewing several web designers I chose Lissa as she clearly understood my vision.

I could not have been happier with my choice – my website launched in October of this year and it is stunning! One of my goals as an Ayurveda educator, is to provide useful information on Ayurveda to the general public, and the website is very well designed to be able to do this through web pages and blog posts.

Lissa was a wonderful partner in this creation, willing to work with my requests and desires as each of the pages were taking shape. She also provided a lot of useful information and tools along the way which were very useful to me in my business. I am delighted with her work! My website has received and continues to receive numerous compliments, not just on it’s looks but also on its functionality.

I would highly recommend Lissa for your web design needs!

Sandhiya Ramaswamy

Alchemy Ayurveda

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