Dian Shirley

“Lissa builds a relationship with her clients that allows them to understand their dreams and goals, their unique gifts and ways of serving. She helps them birth their vision into the world. Lissa takes the time to listen to my desires and goals for my business and considers them as she guides me with her vast knowledge of online marketing and web presence. Lissa has always guided me with integrity and not considered me as me as a cookie cutter client.”

Dian Shirley

Inner Light Awakening

Project: Dian Shirley of Innerlight Awakening has many amazing skills and talents to share with the world. Together we co-created a place for her community and ideal clients to learn all about the different ways she can help and serve them. Dian is a writer so showcasing her blog was also a priority.

Client’s Vision: Dian loved the idea of creating a logo that literally shined from the inside out, so we used gold as the main color of her labyrinth mandala. She decided on a color palette of soft hues of yellow, blue and purple to promote a sense of peace. Her entire site is an invitation to her ideal clients to join her movement of health and well-being. She highlights multiple ways to join from live in person workshops and classes to online offerings. 

Functionality:  Dian builds her community through a free offering of an ebook DIAN’S A.M. DAILY DETOX. And she creates leads for her programs through a 20 min. Complimentary Clarity Call. She uses a detailed intake form to gain specific knowledge about her prospects before her meeting with them. We also added an e-commerce ability so she can take registrations from the events on her website calendar. 


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