Nourish Myself

Project: Batool of Nourish Myself needed a website where she could connect with, educate and empower her community.

Client’s Vision: “Nourish Myself” programs are all about taking better care of ‘Your’self. Batool wanted to use images of spices and herbs throughout her site to convey a message of health and wellness. We also used the symbol from her logo throughout the site as a graphic element since it represents the flower of life: the universal symbol of creation.

Functionality:  Batool is using her site to grow her community so she created a free offer of a Nourishing Morning Rituals Guide. Batool created a detailed form to learn about perspective clients that signup for her free 20 min. Get Acquainted calls.

“Lissa is magical, what more can I say. Putting together a website is a huge and complicated task and I couldn’t be happier with the quality website she developed for me, along with my logo and marketing materials.

 We have worked together for over 4 years and I am always in awe of her talents. She is a genius at creating professional, and effective websites. Thanks, to her dedication and personalized mentoring I received exactly what I had truly envisioned for my business website. And I’m happy with my rankings on search engines.

I highly recommend Lissa’s services, she will guide you through the process of designing your website and beyond. Her style and valuable information will empower you forever. Best of all you will never have to worry about updates and upgrades as she will teach YOU how to do these important skills so you can run a successful business.

Batool Merali
Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Holistic Healer, Health Coach, Yoga Teacher


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