“Lissa built the web-soul of my business based on the visual input of my designer and myself. Lissa listened to me to truly grasp my passion and vision. She is so skilled and accomplished that I was able to completely trust that it would all be amazing and I didn’t have to worry about any of it. It has been a beautiful collaboration with a stunning result.”

Shelley Ware

SLS Ware Consulting Group

Project:  I worked with Michelle of Lone Red Design on this project. Michelle designed Shelley’s visual brand, homepage and one inside page of the site. I developed the custom site. And I used Michelle’s design of the first two pages, to be inspired by while designing and developing the rest of the pages of the site. 

Client’s Vision: Shelley had a very clear vision for whom she wanted to appeal to and the message she wanted to share. She used a fun and often a very humorous way of relating to her readers through her website text, even when the topics were quite serious. It made for a very unique and engaging site full of personality. 

Functionality: The site itself is user-friendly, clean and professional. Shelley created a unique free offer of a PDF called “STOP THE BLEEDING IN 5 STEPS”. The unique writing style and content show off her personality while positioning herself as the expert that she is. 

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