Tris Thorp

“After I finished working with Lissa, I felt confident about who I am, what my brand is and how to effectively communicate and connect with my audience. Before the branding process felt overwhelming but now it is FUN!”

Tris Thorp

Empowerment and Wellness Coach

Project: Create a beautiful, engaging website for Tris’s coaching, writing and speaking business. We also worked together to identify her ideal client and to find her brand’s voice and messaging. 

Client’s Vision: For the design, Tris had a vision for a simple color palette of soft pinks, greys, and just a few highlights yellow. Tris uses her site to educate and nurture a relationship with her clients. 

Functionality: One of the main functions for Tris’s website is a series of forms that help her collect information from interested clients who schedule a free consult with her. For each of her services, we created a different form, allowing Tris to collect specific information prior to her consults which make the time they have together much richer. After filling out the form, the consult prospect is taken to an online scheduling app. The scheduling app saves Tris a ton of time.


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