Why wait months for a beautiful

Professionally Branded Website

When You Can Have One Unearthed in Two Weeks?

People are always going to choose the flower over the weed.
And people are always going to choose the professional over the amateur.


When you’re transitioning out of a soul-dimming job into growing your own business…

a business you’re almost bursting with passion for…

it can feel like there are a thousand things to consider.

Where to show up and stand out so the right people find you…

how to communicate your value in a way that feels delicious…

how to convert qualified leads into paying clients and customers without being pushy…

Oh, and doing it all without compromising your health.

Is it Time for a professional website?

Just because you’re towards the start of your entrepreneurial journey,  

doesn’t mean you should look like it.

Whether you’re brand new to being your own boss, or a couple of years in and still figuring it all out (100% normal!),

I want you to be exceeding that employee salary asap.

And having a professional website is the difference between a passion project and passion project that turns you a profit.

Your website is the place where you stand out so the right people find you
– and want to connect with you on a deeper level.


Your website is the place you communicate your value so it feels delicious
– and so it showcases your expertise in the best (sun)light.


Your website is the place you convert leads into paying clients without being pushy
– and allows you to transform them and the world through your work.


You’ve probably considered doing it yourself.
But then again…DIY-ing an important aspect of your business is a risk.

And you’re probably thinking at least one of these things:

And you’re probably thinking at least one of these things:

  • I’d rather ditch my green smoothies than work on my own website
  • I can’t possibly create a beautiful and professionally branded website quickly, I don’t even know where to start
  • I can’t get my head around the technology and I’ve got no desire to learn – I want to put all my energy into my work
  • Even if I did build a website, I’ve no idea how to effectively communicate what I do on there
  • Thinking about my website is so stressful that I can’t even meditate without it popping into my head 

So DIY is out… but you don’t want to wait six months for a custom website, and you don’t want to spend five figures on it either.



You’re absolutely going to LOVE what I’ve cultivated for you.

Lissa Sandler - Beautifully Simple and Stress-free Websites

Re:Grow – Your Worry-Free Website, Designed In 2 Weeks

I’m here to help you create a super affordable branded website that looks beautifully unique, connects effortlessly with your people, is simple to manage, and represents all the important things you stand for – DESIGNED IN TWO WEEKS

No more putting off your hopes and dreams because you don’t have a website for people to go to and buy from. Together, let’s make one you’re proud to share (without stressing over it).

My process has been refined again and again to ensure it’s streamlined, supportive, super easy to follow, and built with your ideal client in mind. Let’s jump in.

The Re:Grow Process



This is the kick-off stage where I help you bring all the ideas that have been sprouting in your head (probably in all different directions)  and turn them into plans that are way clearer than mud. 

On a 90-minute call, we’ll:


  • Go through your brand messaging and site plan so we’re both in agreement and in excitement about the direction
  • I’ll select your website design basic layout from a selection of high-converting pre-designed themes (they’re all clean and beautiful and your choice will have its own unique style and personality once your visual branding and content are applied)
  • Run through exactly how to put your content together before the web design actually begins – more on that in a second
  • Schedule your design week, giving you plenty of time to complete all your content beforehand (don’t worry, I’ll be there every step of the way to encourage you and keep you accountable!)



3-4 weeks

This is when you’ll start to see all the visions and plans come to life by putting the website content you need together ahead of the design week.


  • I’ll give you my Branding and Content Workbooks which lay out every single little step you need to take in a “fill in the blanks” way – no more wondering what pages you should have, what colors you should use, what your brand voice is, what content you need, or how to put it all together in a way that sounds like you and speaks to the hearts of your ideal clients
  • You’ll also get the visual “wireframes” for your chosen template, so you know how the content will look on the screen and how much you need to write for each section
  • At the end of the 3-4 weeks you’ll submit everything to me so I can start designing!



2 weeks

Now we get to take the words you’ve written and pair them with unique visuals to create the website you can’t wait to tell everyone about. No more hiding… This is when you bloom! We’ll be in close contact throughout this week so you’re involved in every aspect of the design and can follow along with what I’m doing.


  • We’ll start with a visual brand consultation where I take you through a super fun process to develop your own visual style and create your brand mood board for approval (think curated colors, images, and fonts that make your eyes brighten)
  • Once the moodboard is finalized, I’ll put together your Brand Guidelines which give you everything you need to keep your visual brand consistent after the website is finished – this becomes indispensable for my clients when producing anything visual for their brand!
  • Next up, I’ll design each website page based on the progress we’ve made so far and perform up to two rounds of revisions (if needed) so each page looks and feels exactly how you want it to, while still being built for turning readers into prospective clients
  • Finally, I’ll add any functionality you’ve chosen (like discovery call form, ecommerce, photo galleries, blog, etc) and make sure the whole site works seamlessly so none of those prospective clients fall through the cracks
  • Once your new website is ready to share with the world, I’ll record a customized walkthrough training showing you exactly to manage your site once I’ve handed the virtual keys over to you

If you have any fear about being seen right now,

you won’t once we’re finished.

  • Kickoff consultation
  • Brand messaging worksheet
  • Content workbook
  • Comprehensive checklist
  • Visual brand consultation
  • Simple text logo (if needed)
  • Wireframes of your chosen page layouts
  • Moodboard
  • Brand Guidelines
  • 6 pages
  • 6 Branded stock images included and sourced
  • CRM (Mailchimp) integration
  • Discovery call banners
  • Integration with your online scheduling tool: Acuity or Calendly
  • One intake form created with up to 10 questions
  • Social media integration links to pages
  • Instagram app on website
  • Testing and optimizing for desktop and mobile screens
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • 1-hour recorded training session teaching you to update your site
  • Best practices search engine optimization recorded training
  • GSuite for Business setup for branded email
  • Extra pages
  • Other types of CRM integrated, such as Convertkit or Activecampaign
  • Opt-in box integration (delivery of freebie on Mailchimp) to encourage people to join your email list
  • Info, direction, and resources on creating a connective free offer for your website
  • Ecommerce integration
  • Integration with Google Forms or any other form software
  • Forms created
  • Additional stock images and sourcing
  • Photo gallery
  • Blog import
  • Email list import
  • Design branded social headers
  • Design social media post templates
  • Design logo mark
  • Email template design and guidance on how to use it
  • Additional domains pointed to site
  • Additional mentoring above and beyond our 2 scheduled sessions on anything relating to online marketing strategy

Re:Grow Website

“I was having difficulty creating my own website even though so many platforms claim that it is simple to customize your own. I was wasting valuable time that I could have been devoting to my talents.

Lissa was a lifesaver! During the Re:Grow process, I went from overwhelm to ease. We had a blast together creating my mood board and branded content. Lissa shines in her design process.

It was incredible to watch as she took the words I wrote and created the most beautiful visual representation of what my business is all about.

Now, potential clients have a deep understanding of the work I do in a matter of seconds as it jumps off the page.

I love my website so much! It is so beautiful and everyone tells me, uniquely me!!! Thank you so much, Lissa!”

Carrie Seitz – WildRejuvenation.com

It’s Time for You to Re:Grow If…

  • You’re new to this business and you don’t have a website yet
  • You’ve been running this business for up to three years but you’re still making sense of your brand messaging and offerings and your website doesn’t properly reflect you or the work you really want to do
  • You want a clean, modern website you’re excited to share and that is uniquely designed to turn the heads of your ideal clients
  • You’re totally overwhelmed by the idea of building your own website and you want to partner with a caring and detail-oriented expert who can do the work quickly and professionally
  • You want a streamlined, supportive, and stress-free experience
  • You love to learn and you’re willing to do the work needed to create the website of your dreams, so long as you’re guided the whole way through
  • You want to invest in the best – without blowing the budget
Let’s leave the overwhelm in the dust and instead shine the sunlight on your talents. Watch your business (and your profits) bloom with a website that positions you as the expert – beautifully.

Get the website of your dreams

Without the Worry

Ready to (re)discover what’s unique about you and Re:Grow in style?

Think this might be just the service you need?

Got questions about whether this is a great fit for you?

Pop your details into this form & look out for an email from me within 48 hours!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my website end up looking the same as other websites?

No! Even though we start with a template I choose for you, I will change out all of the design elements, graphics, patterns, colors, fonts, and images. So what we end with will look vastly different from what we start with (and vastly different from your competitors).

What platform do you build your websites on?

I use Squarespace or WordPress. We can chat about this on our discovery call.

Do you also do funnels or ecommerce?

Re:Grow already includes designing and building newsletter signup boxes and connecting the signup boxes to your email service provider, but if you need a funnel for a free offer built alongside that or want to be able to sell products through an online shop, we can chat about adding those on to the package.

How is a Re:Grow website different from your custom websites?

Custom sites are built completely from scratch for people who have been in business for 3+ years, have a crystal clear idea of their brand, clients, and services, and have worked with a visual brand specialist. Re:Grow websites are for people 0-3 years in business who are still figuring those aspects out and aren’t ready to invest five figures in a custom website that they don’t need yet.

What content do I need to get started?

Nothing! To get on my calendar, all you need to do is pay the first of two installments. Once you’re locked in, I’ll give you your Content Workbooks and checklist to walk you through the whole process of creating your content and let you know exactly when I need to have it sent to me by ahead of our design week.


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