I’ll “remix” one of my website templates to look uniquely you: your brand & style.

Stress-Free Websites

Maybe you have been thinking of launching your website on your own because you are on a budget.

Skip that overwhelming undertaking and let me do it for you.

I will give you a beautifully unique “Remix” website in a matter of weeks for a great price.


What Makes a Great Website?

A great website highlights your inner gorgeousness…

the experiences, talents and beliefs that make you, uniquely you.

When you view a great homepage you want to read on, to click and to know more…you cannot help yourself, you are dazzled.

And a great website visually tells YOUR story, at a glance, elegantly and effortlessly.

A great website doesn’t seem to be trying too hard.

It flows.  

The photography – so stunning.

The copywriting – so interesting.

But don’t worry, a great website does NOT happen by magic, & I have developed a process & method that leads to all this amazingness. 

When you build a Remix website with me, we will follow my step by step process that leads you through planning your pages, deciding on a visual direction, guidance on brand voice, support with content creation and a collaborative process for site creation.

If you are looking to launch your website in a timely manner, then you will love the Remix package option. Once your content is created, it will take about 2 weeks (a little more depending on what functionality you need) to build your website. 

You are perfect for my Remix Website Package if…

  • Your brand/business is new, less than 3 years old.
  • You may still be figuring out parts or all of your brand message, who you serve and what you offer.  
  • You are working on a budget but you understand the value and time savings of working with a professional to build your beautifully unique website.
  • This is your first website or your first professional website. 

“I truly give Lissa’s work two thumbs up & will definitely recommend her to all willing to make a difference in the world & interested in a clear and bright internet presentation of their passion, skills & services.





I’m accepting 10 Muse Clients for my first Remix Templates

These 10 hand-selected clients will serve as inspiration and as “Muses” for my first Remix sites/templates. I will build a website for you that perfectly fits your brand and goals. Then your site basic layout (template) will become one of my Remix templates and your beautifully unique site featured as an example of a Remix website on my site. 


If I apply to be one of your Muse Clients, what exactly does that mean?

The amazing part of being chosen as one of my “Muse” clients is: I will design a website that is inspired by and built especially for your brand and business. I will be choosing businesses that inspire me, so I can build the most beautiful sites possible. That is why I am asking you to apply to be part of this opportunity. 


Will my site end up looking like a lot of other sites?

After your site is built, you will be featured on my website as a Remix website and your basic layout/template will be a choice for new Remix clients. But for new Remix template sites only the basic layout, the grid of the website will stay the same, the rest of the site will be changing.

I will change out all the design elements, graphics, patterns, colors, fonts and images for each Remix site. So the new Remix site clients that choose your site’s template/layout will end up looking quite unique and different than your site to viewers.

For those chosen as Muses, it is your chance to get a customized website built for your brand at a Remix price (starting at $4897+).

See below if you are interested in applying to be one of my first 10 Muse Clients for my Remix Package.

Have a question about exactly what a Remix site is? For full details read below in the Frequently Asked Questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build your websites?

I build my Remix sites on Squarespace or WordPress. Contact me below for more information.

How is Remix different than the Custom Website package?

For custom websites, we co-create a completely unique handcrafted website. For Remix, I start with a pre-designed template and then use your colors, fonts, and images to make the site look like you.

How do I start the process and what is the investment for a Remix website?

Because I am just beginning to offer Remix websites and need to build up my Remix template library…I am now accepting 10 “Muse” clients to serve as my first Remix clients. Please note your site’s basic layout will become one of my Remix templates and your site will be featured an example of a Remix website in my online portfolio.

Please fill out the Muse application above if you are interested in being considered for this very special offer. This is your chance to get a gorgeous, basically custom website (normally starting at $9,997) designed especially for your brand at a Remix price (starting at $4897). Please see above for exactly what it means to be a Muse client and a Remix website. And if it looks exciting to you just fill out the application below. 

I am accepting 10 clients by application only.

Is there a deposit fee and how long does the process take?

Yes, there is a deposit fee. Once you decide to work with me, you pay the non-refundable deposit fee of half the estimate. Then I give you the “Visual Brand and Content Workbooks” and a detailed checklist of assignments to complete and content to gather. We will set your Design Block on my calendar about a month out to give you plenty of time to complete your Visual Brand and Content Workbooks. I set aside that time on my calendar just for you, so it is very important that you have your photos and content complete and are ready to move forward on your Design Block date. The remaining 1/2 fee will be due at the start of our design block. 

For Remix sites, the design block is generally two weeks for my basic package and a bit more depending on the add-on project work. 

What content do I need to get started with you?

To start the process and get on my calendar all you need to do is pay the deposit of half your fee. Once you sign up we will go over everything you will need to provide me a week before your design block. At that time I will provide you with “Brand and Content Workbooks” that will walk you through creating your content and branding info. I also advise you to have a photoshoot for your website. I will give you a dropbox link and a checklist of everything you will need to provide me. You will upload all the content one week before our start date.

What does the finished Remix website package include?

A completely developed and designed Remix website based on your brand workbook answers, plus a one-hour training (recorded and provided to you) on how to update the basics of your website.  

The Remix package includes 6 pages. This typically includes a homepage, a blog page and 4 other pages of your choice. Of course, more pages and functionality are possible, just let me know what you need and I will include them in my estimate to you.

Do you also create free offer funnels for my website?

My basic packages for Remix sites include newsletter signup boxes and connecting the signup boxes to your service provider for building your mailing list. If you would like to include a free offer on your site, we would discuss what that offer is and come up with a plan for what the offer and funnel will look like, what kinds of help you need creating the offer (like designing the free offer) and what the additional cost will be.

Do you develop e-commerce sites?

Yes! I love developing e-commerce websites and I normally use the Squarespace platform for this kind of project. It is an add-on project to my basic packages. I will develop and design the basic shop, and add 3 fully designed product examples. I will also teach you how to add the remaining products. Please contact me to talk about the platforms capabilities and your needs.

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