3 Lessons I've Learned on my turning over a new leaf journey. Part three.


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“Remember that it’s okay to ask for help when you’re stumped, because you really can’t be expected to handle everything alone.”
Martha N. Beck


Lesson 3: Ask for help when you feel stuck!

What’s one of the biggest changes I’ve made this year?


I’ve hired help in the areas I felt blocked.

Not an assistant (although hiring help with the day to day is also a great investment), this year for me was a call to hire EXPERTS:

  • a branding strategy expert to help me uncover and rediscover my brand voice and messaging,
  • a copywriter to help bring that voice to life,
  • and a visual branding expert to help create my visual brand identity.

But the truth is, I had SOOO much resistance to hiring in these areas.

Especially the branding strategist and brand designer, because this is the kind of work I successfully help my clients with every day.

My clients love their results, and I love what we create together.

SO, common sense said that I SHOULD be able to design and write something I love for myself.

In fact, I didn’t EVEN consider hiring help with my brand until a mentor who also is a brand strategist and website designer said she hired help with her brand.

She shared that many successful branding experts and web designers end up hiring help as they create their brands.

She expressed, “the truth is, creating for themselves is an area experts often feel blocked by or it just takes way too long to complete so they end up seeking help”…yep perfectionism.


I learned asking for help, even in an area, you are considered an expert is NOT about giving up or failing.


It is NOT about lacking in some way.

It is NOT about turning over a part of your business, having the expert do it and in turn not having what you’re working on be you anymore (which was my biggest fear).

Instead, working with talented experts WAS about true collaboration.

It WAS about another expert helping to pull more of my vision out where I was feeling blocked by perfectionism.

It WAS about helping elevate and carry out my vision.


All of these experts helped me remove the self-defeating roadblocks I had put in place and show up 100% me.


The choice to say YES to each expert was hard and uncomfortable, and it was a huge financial investment. Plus my ego was involved.

But my intuition told me it was the right way to go and I decided to follow. 

Just like I do with my clients the branding strategy expert has functioned as a mirror reflecting back to me what was already there but I just couldn’t see.

And my choice to hire help has allowed me to work on all the things I AM feeling inspired by.

I felt the creativity gates open and I felt clarity and sure of myself again.

Instead of being stuck and wasting time, I started moving my business forward.

Benefits of Asking for Help

So collaborating with these amazing experts not only is resulting in an elevated outcome for my brand, but so many unexpected benefits have also happened.

  • My creativity came back.
  • I am able to work on other projects to move my business forward while they work on the other pieces of the puzzle.
  • I have a new sense of confidence and trust in myself.
  • I have formed authentic relationships with 3 entrepreneurs I respect and admire.
  • And I got to learn and grow from going through their creative processes.


You may not be a “creative” but you can apply the basic idea of hiring experts to help you grow your sprouting business.

And you definitely can apply the lesson of even hiring an expert in a field you are considered an expert.

A blooming, healthy garden just like a business needs calm, consistent, energy and attention. 

Plants do not bloom by good intentions or by unfocused efforts. 

They thrive because many hands, planned for, tended to and nurtured the process.


Whether you are a coach, therapist, trainer, teacher or practitioner if you are feeling stuck, or just would love another set of eyes on what you are working on, I highly recommend finding an expert you resonate with and hiring them.

Maybe that could be me? CLICK HERE to set up a 20 min. FREE Discovery Call with me to explore all the options and find the direction best for you. 

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