What is a web presence and why do I need it?

People frequently ask me what it means to have a strong “web presence.” It’s a great question and one that I’m happy to answer, especially since the phrase “web presence” is often thrown around and only understood in a general sense.

Some people think that “web presence” only refers to a website. Other people think that it’s just social media, like Twitter or Facebook.

But the truth is that “web presence” encompasses so much more than the logistics of how information is delivered. Not only is web presence about your website, your newsletter and your social media content, but it’s about how you craft your brand, how you show up in the world, and how you want to impact others on a larger scale.

Confused? Let’s see if I can simplify it for you.

First, Let’s Talk Brand

Your brand is absolutely the most important aspect of your online presence. And yes, your brand is a collection of colors, fonts and perhaps images, but it’s also a lot more than that: your brand is a visual representation of who YOU are and what your purpose is.

Your brand is the tone, the feel and the energy of how you communicate and interact in the world. People will gather a lot of information about you based on what they see in your brand.

That’s why it is so important that your brand is spot on.

When your brand comes from an authentic place that is in alignment with your soul’s mission and purpose, you will easily speak to your target market. They will instantly recognize who you are and be drawn in if they’re a fit, and repelled if they’re not.

Coincidentally, when you have a strong sense of your brand and your purpose, building a web presence is a cinch!

It’s Not About the Hard Sell

Many of my clients get really worried about coming across as “salesy” with their website, brand and other online accounts. I reassure them to rest easy knowing that it’s truly not about sell, sell, sell!

I tell my clients that their web presence is really just about identifying which problems they solve for people and communicating your services in a clear and heart-centered way.

Your website is not about the hard sell. In fact, it’s not about selling at all! It’s about improving the lives of your ideal clients and sharing yourself with the reader joyfully, truthfully and from a place of service.

Now that sounds like a lot more fun than pushing a hard sell, doesn’t it?

When you can clearly identify which problems you solve and key into your own value as a solution for others, sharing your work with the world and really connecting with the people who need your services becomes much easier.

How about Dinner and a Movie?

Imagine these two first date scenarios: in the first scenario, you go to dinner with a very handsome man or woman. You sit across from them and begin a conversation, eager to learn more about them. You ask, “So, where are you from?”

The person launches into a 15-minute answer to your question. He or she tells you not only where they’re from, but also where they were born, where they went on vacation last year, how their mom is doing this week, and sharing pictures of their dogs. You can’t even get a word in, let alone have the space to be curious and want to learn more!

Now imagine you’re sitting across from the same attractive person and you ask the same question. He or she answers, “Well, I grew up in Chicago but now I live in Long Beach.”

Wow, what a difference! Chances are, now you’ll smile back and ask another question.

Your web presence is just like that first date. There shouldn’t be too much information on the site – you don’t want to fire hose your date! Leave them wanting more, and if it’s a fit, they’ll keep coming back.

There are many online tools you can use to communicate your online presence, but when you have a clear sense of your brand and your message, it doesn’t matter which ones you use (although you MUST have a website!). 

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