What is Your Business’s Web Presence and Its Purpose?

What is Your Business’s Web Presence?

Your business’s web presence is all the places your business and you as the owner/founder are mentioned on the internet. Most people think of it as just your website but in fact, a successful web presence is extensive and far-reaching.

 Think of it like a spider web, the bigger the better.  Your website as the center of your spider web but the more connections (links going from and back to your site) the better.  These two way links not only help your placement in search results because the search engines think your site is more important and will show it based on your keywords. 

Also the more places your business is mentioned the more chances your business has of being found and known by prospective clients, it expands your reach.

These connections or links can take the form of articles, interviews, podcasts, guest blog entries, videos, images, blog comments, testimonials, reviews, your products listed on another site, social media pages, and all paid online advertising, banners, or social media ads you create for your business are also considered part of your web presence.


How is a business web presence successful?

The main purpose of your web presence is to introduce your business’s products and services to the world. For many people, this will be their first impression of you and your business, so it should be your best. A successfully crafted web presence helps you reach and cultivate relationships with new clients, while you are busy doing other things.

The more seeds you have planted, meaning the more places your business’s message is mentioned or featured, the more touches you will have with your target audience. It is a proven fact that most people need multiple touches from you before they purchase. Having content in multiple places on the internet will help cultivate consistent new opportunities and a steady stream of new clients the find you.

Because as they see your brand and the same consistent messaging and social proof in multiple places when it comes time to purchase, they will remember you and reach out to you, eager and ready or almost ready to work with you instead of you always having to search for each and every client or opportunity.

Because the prospective client has gotten to know you through all the articles, interviews, blog entries, testimonials, social media shares, retweets and favorites etc in your web presence they feel like they know, like and trust you as an expert at what you do. But you must cultivate consistent messaging and social advocates that will give testimonials that your products and services work. All of this takes time and a well thought out web presence strategy.

When your online systems are set up the right way (again this takes time, a well thought out plan or architecture and the right technology and content strategy) your web presence will help you grow your community and revenue by building a mailing list of ideal clients. If you are a solopreneur or small business, this can be a big time-saving game changer for you! It is your key to creating consistent income.

With all of this in mind, it makes sense to invest in your web presence set up. Working with a professional who really understands how to create an online marketing tool with your website and create a strategy for your web presence, not just a few pages like a static online brochure is an incredibly smart business move.

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